Taking Care of Yourself Whilst Pregnant

Having a baby is considered by many women as the most fulfilling part of womanhood. This is one of the ultimate goals or dreams of majority of women around the world. As such, once a woman gets pregnant, it is important that the mother-to-be becomes extra careful in taking care of her body. It is a fact that the mother’s health becomes the baby’s well-being too.

Aside from the typical personal hygiene, pregnant women need extra care both physically and emotionally. Here are some tips on how to achieve a healthy pregnancy:

  1. Eat healthy.

This is a no-brainer. Even for nonpregnant people, this is among the top ways to be healthy. Whatever we intake will definitely affect us physically which means both internal and external parts of our body. The food you eat will be the baby’s source of nutrition as well. So if you take in junk foods, it means the baby is eating unhealthy foods too.

We have all heard about the unusual cravings of pregnant women during pregnancy. Though it could be emotionally helpful for pregnant women to indulge in their favorite foods from time to time, it is also necessary to look at how healthy or unhealthy the food is. The key is moderation. Don’t eat too much of salty foods or too much of sweets. This is to help maintain your blood pressure level and your sugar level.

Sometimes, some pregnant women could also be advised by their doctors on what to eat and what not to eat especially if they have cases of high blood pressure or high sugar level.

Similar to food, pregnant or not, our body needs hydration. The best way to hydrate is to drink plenty of water. The importance of drinking water increases during pregnancy. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration which can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea, cramps, or oedema.  During the third trimester of pregnancy, dehydration can cause contractions that can lead to premature labor. Water can also help prevent urinary tract infection which is very common during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water can also help to ease constipation which is also common among pregnant women.

  1. Get plenty of rest.

Get enough sleep. It is important that your body is able to rest well during pregnancy. When we sleep, our body is doing some repairs of tissues and muscles. During pregnancy, your body is experiencing so many changes so it is important to get plenty of rest when you can. There might be extra trips to the bathroom at night due to your plenty water intake which definitely could really give you a hard time. Thus, it is better if you can sleep early at night. As your tummy grows bigger when you are on your third trimester, sleeping could really become uncomfortable. Since the baby becomes bigger and heavier, it could feel impossible to lie down comfortably. It could be best to sleep on your side or maybe use some extra pillows on your head and back as a recliner.

  1. Take extra care of your teeth.

In some women, pregnancy can cause dental problems like gum problems or tooth decay. This is because the increased hormones triggered by the pregnancy can cause inflammation of the blood vessels in the gum tissues. Thus, swelling of the gums can be experienced during pregnancy. Dental diseases can affect a developing baby and might cause premature birth so proper and extra care of your teeth is one of the important things during a woman’s pregnancy.

Some tips to take extra care for your teeth are the following:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss between your teeth.
  • Visit your dentist

Exercise during pregnancy can help prepare your body for the inevitable strain of labor and delivery. It can prevent excessive weight gain and can also help you sleep better. Just make sure you are not overdoing things when exercising. If you have any health condition or complications, better consult your doctor first to know what kind of exercise you can do or not do.